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9 Technologies That Will Shape the Future of Cancer Care

Experts are working very hard to battle cancer and the social aspect of this battle cannot be underestimated.

Everywhere technologies, like that used by Techsuite, are being applied to combat cancers.

Here are some of the big game changers in cancer care:

1) Green Tech

We know that prevention is better than cure and if there are no carcinogens, cancer care would not have been as big an issue as it is now.

Technologies that will make our environment greener and safer would mean that cancer care will not take larger percentage of the money in health care spending.

2) Fluid Biopsy

How to detect cancer early has been a challenge that researchers have worked on for decades. But how long till a non-invasive early detection work for all cancers?

Fluid biopsy could still produce breakthrough with inquiries into this good idea and again considering the cost of cutting into human’s body to get tissue mass that will confirm the presence of cancer and the other risks of going under the radiations, early detection with this technique would be a huge success.

3) An Accidental Discovery

Could an accidental discovery change the story of cancer care? Well, yes it could because most technological discoveries were just accidentally made anyway.

An article about a discovery by researchers in the University of Lunt, Sweden showed that compound found in breast milk, known as ‘Hamlet’ positively reduced bladder cancer tumour cells. According to the report, the discovery came during a research on antibiotics.

4) Data Discovery and AI

Already a significant percentage of oncologists have expressed optimism in the input of AI and with many possibilities the future of cancer care and treatment would be determined by AI and data technologies.

Imagine smart medical tools being invented to get as much information that the pathologists would be bored to make sense of ordinarily. A big game changer might be a way to have computational intelligence actively join the experts in finding solutions, this kind of assistance plus data discovery would prove to be invaluable.

5) Immune System-Microbes Method

Imagine our body’s immune system being able to stop the tumour cells from behaving the way they do.

A French company known as Enterome has created a vaccine that essentially helps the immune system to see the cancer tumour as foreign.

According to the company, their discovery is still in the preliminary stages and it will take some years before it is available for human trials.

6) Genomic Solution – Gene Therapy

The gene therapy approach is a broad field of study that presents several possibilities. One remarkable solution is the idea of making the host immune system to deal with various cancer care cases.

The implication of this technology is that patients would be able to have personalized drug based on how the experts understand their gene sequence. The idea of the gene therapy is to edit or delete genes that may be causing the cancers.

7) DNA Cages

The idea here is to allow only cancer cells to have affinity with the drugs that will be in the body system so that normal healthy cells would not be affected by the drugs.

8) In Silico Trials

Essentially, this is having a model of the host or patient that new drugs in discovery stages could be tested on.

This will effectively reduce the time it takes in the discovery and approval of new drugs.

9) Implanted Sensors

Sensors could be embedded in the patient’s body which will constantly serve as a regulator and an alarm system to help care givers respond to changes quicker.

It is technically possible to make sensors from digestible materials or indigestible materials that could be place on the patient’s skin.

Anne Orchard

Anne Orchard is an experienced life coach based in Dorset, UK, whose areas of expertise include offering support to those affected by illness or death of a loved one and helping them to rebuild their lives.

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