Emotional Resources

Peak Potentials

Our goal is to help people identify and overcome the hidden obstacles that hold them back from reaching their full potential in terms of both success and happiness. So far we have helped over 500,000 people transform their lives.

By utilizing high-impact, breakthrough processes, our participants experience both immediate and long term changes that include higher incomes, greater net worth, better relationships, true power and a sense of inner peace.

Peak Potentials’ seminars are taught using high-involvement, accelerated learning techniques that allow participants to learn faster, remember more and have tons of fun (all while dramatically enhancing their lives).

If there is one word to describe the Peak Potentials philosophy, that word is “ACTION!” Our seminars are extraordinary however we believe it’s what you do and what happens in your life after the seminar that really counts!

Cygnus Review

Cygnus can help you find the best books on health and healing, spiritual transformation, personal growth, psychic development and environmental concerns.

The titles we sell are chosen with great care and thought, to help you explore ways to grow, heal and savour the full ‘juiciness’ of life. All these books are offered to you at reduced prices, so you can feed your soul, without burning a hole in your pocket!