Cancer Information

Over a million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK and US alone.

They are faced with a frightening prospect of treatment and possibly death. But others around them are also affected. As one of those others – a friend, family member, colleague, employer or employee, you need information.

You may need to know more about how to talk to the person with cancer, how to find out medical information, what practical or emotional issues may arise for you. This is the section of the web site where we are providing this information.

We have provided information in various sections, where you can explore issues surrounding end of life, bereavement or remission. Please feel free to browse around. In the articles you will also find some suggestions for further reading and additional resources to help you.

Some of the information you will find here is taken from the book Their Cancer – Your Journey by Anne Orchard.

If you would like all this information together in one place to act as a support at all stages of your journey, you can read more about the book and how to order it as an ebook or a paperback here.

If, as a result of reading this information, you have more questions; please feel free to use our forums, send an email to us at or alternatively you can telephone us on 0834 35 66 859 (this is a UK number).