About Us

At Families Facing Cancer, our aim is to provide emotional and practical support to people in the cancer fallout zone, empowering them to transform their experience into a force for good in their lives.

We believe that cancer does not affect just one person – those who are also touched by a diagnosis can include those caring for cancer patients, family, friends and even employees. This is what we mean by the cancer fallout zone.

We believe that those in the fallout zone may tend to discount their own needs – and we know that this can lead to health issues – both physical and emotional.

So we believe in integrated cancer care – where the person who has cancer is treated physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as needed. And to be truly integrated we believe that care should extend to anyone who is affected by the diagnosis.

We believe that people with cancer and their families are ultimately in the best position to make empowered choices about their treatment and all other issues in their life. We will never seek to say that we know best, only share resources that may be helpful to some.

We also believe that this can only be achieved by clear, open and honest communication from everyone concerned.

In order to communicate openly with you, we offer the following information:

You will find free information on this website, and also products for sale.Some products will be produced by Rainbow Heart Publishing Ltd, which is owned by Anne Orchard, the founder of Families Facing Cancer, along with her husband.

Other products may be made available through links to other sites, including books from Amazon. Some of these links will involve affiliate commission if you choose to buy via this website. There will be other links where no affiliate commission is paid.

We will never add a link just because of an affiliate payment, only because we believe the product or service may be of use to some of our visitors. There is never any obligation to purchase anything, and we cannot be responsible for the content of sites we link to. However if you have any concerns, please do bring them to our attention.

Families Facing Cancer does not receive any outside funding, and only exists because of the income received by Rainbow Heart Publishing Ltd. Similarly, Rainbow Heart Publishing was created in order to fulfill the aims detailed above. We hope you will be happy to support us in doing this.

Families Facing Cancer is a new organisation that is being built around you – your needs, hopes, fears and dreams. To do this we need your feedback, so please email us at info@familiesfacingcancer dot org to let us know what you would like to see on this website.


Anne Orchard is an experienced life coach based in Dorset, UK, whose areas of expertise include offering support to those affected by illness or death of a loved one and helping them to rebuild their lives.

Following the death of her mother from cancer in 1991, and her mother-in-law’s experience of breast cancer in 2004, Anne became increasingly aware of the valuable work performed by charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and also hospices.

Her involvement with her local day-care hospice when living in Derbyshire inspired her to explore ways in which to share the positive philosophy she discovered there.

As she researched, she realised she was uniquely qualified to help those who are related or closely connected to cancer sufferers. They are also affected by the diagnosis of the disease, and yet support is so often lacking for them.

Anne gained her expertise through personal experience. Her mother was diagnosed with secondary brain tumours in early 1991. The months that followed to her death were extremely challenging – in spite of the fact that Anne had very little physical input to her care.

Each of those who loved her had a different perspective, their own experience. And all found the process very traumatic. Whilst practical support was available, emotionally the family just ‘got through’ the experience as best they could.

Anne then undertook many years of personal development, during which she gradually made sense of her experiences. When her mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer, Anne was older, wiser and able to truly support her in whatever ways she needed.

This time the outcome was happier, and Anne had coped much better with the stress in her own life. In sharing the insights she has gained over these years, she is finding her own sense of purpose in encouraging others to find their own lessons in the challenge that has been put before them.